Jovis is a creative
technology and brand agency.

We are a team of strategists, image makers, designers , digital activators and programmers. We are an agency with purpose and direction. A purpose to positively impact everyone we work with to create extraordinary and unique things for our clients through our passion and drive built on the direction of our beliefs, foundation and values.

We are specialists in virtual & augmented reality, 3D, live streaming, video, photography, experiential marketing, design, branding, web development, mobile app development & digital development.

We do this by combining our expertise with radical new approaches, creative storytelling, behavioural insight and cutting-edge technology to build brands and drive sales.

Jovis Creative specialises in strategy, creative & art direction and project management for still & moving images and digital content.

We use creativity powered by technology inspired by you to create new experiences that have a positive impact on your communication. We embrace the strategic and global vision of our clients to achieve the intended results within their market and audience to elevate their brand perception.

We provide solutions to commercial clients’ advising, building bespoke options and project managing clients’ requirements for their still and moving images for their brands, services and products.

We produce a strategy through our creative and art direction elevating clients’ brands and increasing their ROI. Jovis Creative is a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals within the industry.

We are a one stop agency offering clients the options of different services which are built as bespoke solutions which is unique in this industry. We can cover all aspects of a creative campaign from end to end production through to delivery.


It's all about trust. We feel your pain and that's why we only stop when it's solved. Your problem is our problem.


Our team is experienced in many different areas, from photography to video production, from design to programming


Sometimes the most obvious solution is not the best. We love challenges. We want to do what hasn't been done before.


Innovation motivates action. We take risks, encourage curiosity and new ideas. We generate solutions for our clients and raise the bar.

Make Something Better, Everyday

Our evolution is constant, we strive to learn something new everyday. Knowledge does not take up any space.

Focus on the Outcome

Form follows function. We create beautiful work that has an impact on your clients.

Our Values

Our Services

What we can do for your brand.


Your brand image tells a story about your mission, values, philosophy, product and much much more. It’s the first, and sometimes, the only contact that your audience has with your brand. For that reason alone, it’s a matter of utmost importance.

Web Design

If you’re not online, you can’t be found. We already live in a digital world, where a website is essential to any brand, company and business.

Virtual Reality

We are creators of digital worlds. Immersive experiences that allow you to invite your audience to your dream. Imagination is a powerful way to change perception.

Augmented Reality

You can add a digital layer to the real world. Possibilities are infinite and only limited by imagination. The future is already happening.


An image is worth a thousand words. We are storytellers creating images that give context using elements of art that capture attention and stick in the memory of your client.


What's better than an image? A thousand images. Video is entering the world so fast that is nearly impossible to make a campaign without it. Video is everywhere. Video is vital in connecting with your audience on an emotional level.


It’s all about content. And to make your content glow, it’s all about layout, composition, typography, illustration and coming up with an attractive way to draw readers into your world.


Function is only a part of it. Your packaging can boost sales and client satisfaction. It can make your brand stand out, even make a statement.


We don’t work alone, our amazing clients allow
us to produce work we are proud of.


This product helps with creative blocks. May cause feelings of joy and positive energy.
Use when you need inspiration. If more inspiration is needed, call Jovis.


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